Photographers, Learn SEO in 2020!

Does the mere thought of getting your photography site ranked on Google give you heart palpitations?

You know you need SEO to do well on your site, but you’re a photographer, not an SEO expert.

Well, that’s what this whole new training course is designed to solve. Learn exactly the right things to do on your website from William Bay, who’s been practicing and teaching SEO for photographers since 2007.

William Bay leading an SEO talk at WordCamp Riverside 2018.
For over a decade, William Bay has taught photographer, and non-photographers how to properly implement SEO in their sites.
Photo: David Schulman


Foundation Fluency

technical seo code
Learn technical SEO

To build a house, you need a solid foundation. You’ll learn the basics (without getting too deep into the weeds of course).

  • Why Context is important.
  • How search REALLY works.
  • Getting your website in technical shape.
  • Installing the necessary plugins.
  • Learn to use various SEO tools to gain a competitive edge.

Captivating Content

writing content

At the heart of Search is Content. Without it, no one can find you!
You’ll learn how to craft blog posts, and landing pages to get found.

  • Figure out your objectives when writing blog posts.
  • How to use the Yoast plugin effectively.
  • Writing the most important pages on your website.
  • Learn to use the new WordPress editor to create rich content.

Absolute Authority


Authority refers to how strong your site is compared to your competition.
Links are your friend. We’ll show you how and where to get the quality ones.

  • Why are links so important.
  • Which links can hurt you, and which can help you.
  • Strategies to get really great links.
  • Turn problems into incredible back-link opportunities!

…and… Learn Local SEO!

Many courses don’t cover Local SEO, but there’s less competition in this area, making it easier to rank quicker.
You’ll learn the ranking factors and tools to get a leg up over other photographers in your area.

What people are saying.

I learned so much about blogging and my website from enrolling in your online videos!

~Karissa Tuckwell
Image Photography

We got boosted to the top ten within weeks and we’ve held on to staying above the fold and much of the time in the top 3 in searches.

~Todd Kunstman
KenMar Studios

Suh-Weet! I’ve booked nine weddings since my new site launched. Those nine all booked in a row too.

Makes me super happy.

~Teresa Klostermann
Teresa K Photography

Home grown in sunny San Diego, CA